Founded in 1953, OPA’s historical know-how was to manufacture precision optics and mechanics. Alain Delaby, OPA’s current CEO, took over the company in 1990. In 1994, OPA absorbed the company l’Optique Scientifique and its teams, opening up new perspectives for the firm and becoming OPA-OPTICAD.

Thus, since more than 60 years and thanks to our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, we supply optical, mechanical and opto-mechanical tailor-made solutions for very demanding and challenging markets such as: healthcare and life science, defense and security, space and aerospace, industry and research.

We master 5 complementary areas of expertise which allows us to achieve fast prototyping production of small and medium runs:

  • High end optics
  • Precision lapping and mechanics
  • Studies and optical and opto-mechanical calculations
  • Measurement and inspections.


We master precision machining and polishing processes of any kind of materials such as: glasses, metals, ceramics, crystals, plastics…
Thanks to our human-scale workshops and to the valuable expertise of our teams, we can answer any kind of need for prototypes and small and medium batches from your own specifications, even from the only rough description of your need.
Indeed, our engineers are able to create complete specifications according to your requirements.

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